Pre-Baptismal Catechesis


Spiritual Director: Fr Clifford Dsouza

Head: Assumption Menezes

Assistant Head: Mary Fernandes

Time & Venue
Sunday, 9 a.m. in the St. Pius X School audio-visual room

The Pre-Baptismal Catechesis team of our parish was formed in the year 1998. The aim of this team, is to catechise parents who want to baptise their child in our church. It is compulsory for all parents seeking baptism for their child to participate in this course and obtain a certificate of completion.

The course consists of four sessions of three hours each. These sessions are conducted on four consecutive Sundays of the month. We have three programmes in a year – usually in February, June and October/November. It is recommended that couples attend the course before entering the third trimester of pregnancy.

A team of trained catechists conducts the sessions. The catechists go through formative trainings on new topics and refresher courses every year as part of the archdiocesan pre-baptismal ministry formation. The course consists of interactive sessions wherein couples are enriched in the faith and general awareness on infant upbringing. In addition to faith formation, the sessions cover tips on parenting, childbirth care, bonding in the formative years, and so on.

The themes/topics for the four sessions (as per the syllabus of the Archdiocese of Bombay) are as follows:

  • Growing in love
  • Living our baptismal promises
  • Witnessing to our children
  • Baptism, the first sacrament (godparents are to attend this session along with the child’s parents)

The Church has set the following criteria for the selection of godparents:

  • They should be fully initiated into the faith (i.e. must have received sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation)
  • They should be practising Catholics
  • They should not be the child’s parents
  • They should be above 16 years of age and preferably not very old

Registrations are to be done at the parish office. The marriage certificate is required for registration

We are looking for committed couples who are willing to join our team and catechise the parents wanting to baptise their children.