POPE SNIPPETS 2019, 2018

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JUNE 2019

Serve others freely, as God freely loves you

Remember, repair, rebuild... together

The Holy Spirit brings harmony within us and among us

MAY 2019

Christ's love helps us love those 'on the other side'

Wasting food shows a lack of concern for others

Christ liberates us from overwhelming evil

APR 2019

Pope to Young People:
God loves you, the Church needs you

MAR 2019

Pope inflight presser: 'He who builds walls will end up imprisoned by them'

Hardened heart is unfaithful and slanders the Lord

We can rely greatly on God's mercy, but we must not abuse it

Imitate the mercy of the Lord

Lent is an opportunity to be simple and true

Preserve the memory of what the Lord has done

Ash Wednesday : " Focus on what is essential"

FEB 2019

"Where is your brother?"

True prayer is compassionate, no hypocrisy or tricks

Life has value only when given

Humility and meekness opens hearts

JAN 2019

Word of God is not ideology, it is life that makes us grow

A 'perverse' Christian heart: faint-hearted, obstinate, compromising (slave to seduction)

Jesus underwent a two-fold immersion at his Baptism

Faith must be transmitted “with your faith-filled lives”

At times, it seems that God does not answer our prayers

DEC 2018

Pope Francis focuses on the "astonishment" and "anxiety" of Mary and Joseph

Pope Francis Christmas Urbi et Orbi message

Let us allow ourselves to be consoled by God

Prepare for Christmas with the courage of faith

Advent is a time for purifying the faith

NOV 2018

Christians must provide credible witness with their lives

So-called Christian societies will end if pagan

How do we want to meet the Lord?

‘Generosity enlarges the heart’

Pope to Choirs: ‘Help community sing, don't replace its voice'

Martyrdom doesn’t make the news

Bishop, a humble and meek servant, not a prince

'Murmuring'; and instead of dialoguing, we secretly complain

'Witness' always breaks a habit. It also puts you at risk

Bearing witness, complaining, asking questions

OCT 2018

Three forms of poverty

Indifference kills

Be careful around rigid Christians

The poor cannot wait

SEP 2018

The Lord keeps giving us new chances because his greatest joy is to see us reborn

Instead of looking at ourselves, we tend to look at others, at their sins, and to talk about them

We must not be afraid to contemplate the cross as a moment of defeat, of failure

Pope To Youth: Jesus doesn't want you on the bench, He asks you to go out to the world

The profession of faith in Jesus Christ cannot stop at words, but must be authenticated by concrete choices and gestures, by a life sealed with the love of God and neighbor

The worst kind of slavery is that of one's Ego

Jesus always acts with discretion. He does not want to impress people

Do not be deaf or silent in the face of suffering

Discern true rest from false rest

Make an examination of conscience everyday

Be vigilant so that our way of thinking and acting is not polluted…by vanity, greed, pride

AUG 2018

God is calling on families 'to participate' in His dream

JUL 2018

Don't waste food, don’t be indifferent to the world's cry of hunger

JUN 2018

Forgiveness, prayer, and love for those who seek to destroy us is the path Jesus has laid out for us

If you want to destroy institutions or people, you start by speaking ill of them. This is the “slanderous communication”

The Kingdom of God grows by its own power; mysteriously

Exploiting women is a sin against God

Migration can enrich society

Just as we should never think that we know everything, we should never fear to try to learn more

Jesus desires reconciliation

Christians must pursue the path of true life, true love, true wealth

Envy and jealousy for someone else’s goodness and good works can lead to false accusations.

God’s love has no need for words but for concrete gestures.

Christian memory is the salt of life. Remember your first encounter with Jesus; and those who transmitted the faith to us.

Only the Eucharist satisfies hearts

Overcome silent collusion

Eucharist burns away selfish attitudes

the Devil is behind every persecution

APR, MAY 2018

Let yourselves be shaped by the Spirit

Reject worldly patterns of behaviour that take away our freedom.

Even when man, out of his own shame, commits serious sins and goes against God, he continues to be a child of God because God never disowns his children.

Without love, the Church cannot grow, and is transformed into an empty institution, made up of appearances and actions without fecundity.

Evangelization is the Spirit’s work

Sign of Cross — Reminder of Baptism

The Church needs prophets

Follow Jesus out of faith, not self-interest

Christ gives true freedom

Easter joy brings obedience, witness, realism

FEB, MAR 2018

Jesus risks himself in service

Easter Triduum is center of Christian faith

Our Lady is a gift of the Trinity

Jesus calls us with the sweetness and confidence of a Father
(There are no threats in the confessional – only forgiveness)

Be warned against the temptation of ‘showing off’ by fasting: [...] by letting people know [...] so that people think ‘what a good person’. This is a trick. It’s pretending to be virtuous.

How is your heart? Is it strong? Does it stay faithful to the Lord, or is it slowly sliding away?

We listen to the Gospel, and we must respond with our lives. (Homily to be brief; well-prepared)

Teach the people to adore in silence

DEC, JAN 2018

Shepherds should show tenderness and closeness of Jesus

There is no humility without humiliation

We do not pray as "parrots" and without "interest" in what we ask for. We beg the Lord to "help our little faith" even in the face of difficulties.

Pastor’s authority comes from closeness to God and people ‎

Contempt for the weak is work of Satan

Devotion to Mary is not spiritual etiquette; it is a requirement of the Christian life

Humanity is precious and sacred to the Lord. Henceforth, to serve human life is to serve God.

All of Mass is important - don’t be late!

It is the the Mass that defines Sunday for Christians.
What sort of Sunday can it be if it is lacking an encounter with the Lord?

Being humble means accepting humiliation like Christ




Pope's Monthly Prayer Intention
June 2019

The Priest's way of life

"Let us pray that priests, through the modesty and humility of their lives, commit themselves actively, above all, to solidarity with those who are most poor.”