Parish Guidelines: The Sacrament of Matrimony

  1. Inform the parish office or any of the priests at least 4 to 6 months before the marriage.
  2. Each candidate is required to do a two-day marriage preparation course, at least six months in advance. The list indicating the date, venue and fees is put up on the notice board.  It is imperative to attend the course both together unless one is out of Mumbai/India.  For details contact Snehalaya, Mahim (24468218) or our Parish Notice Board.
  3. Book the Mass (before booking other things like, hall, caterer, etc). Nuptial Mass will be celebrated on any of the days at 4: 30 pm.
  4. After completing the Marriage Preparation Course the paper work begins. In the Archdiocese of Mumbai, proceedings for Marriage start in the girls Parish by filling the PNE(Pre Nuptial Enquiry) Form.
  5. When the candidate meets the priest in charge by previous appointment, for filling in the Prenuptial Enquiry form (PNE), he/she shall bring along the following documents:
    1. Baptism Certificates of the Bride and Bridegroom  issued within the last six months and the Confirmation certificate (if the entry is not made in the Baptism certificate)
    2. Certificate of Marriage Preparation Course of both the parties
    3. If previously married, produce the death certificate of the former spouse or a Declaration of Nullity from the Ecclesiastical Tribunal.
    4. Copy of Court Marriage Certificate if married in court or any other institution.
    5. If the marriage process of any of the parties is prepared outside India, and the nuptials are to be celebrated in our parish, the papers will have to be sent in advance to the Bishop’s House for no objection certificate.
  6. Candidates who reside abroad or in another Parish, are required to bring documents at least a month in advance, as follows:
    1. A personal letter to the Parish Priest stating desire to marry and name of the person deputed to attend to other formalities which should include local and foreign Parish and Residential address.
    2. Certificate of Marriage Preparation Course if attended through any other Parish in India or abroad
    3. Single status from the Church or Employer
    4. Oath of Free State, if necessary depending on the prevailing circumstances
  7. In cases of ‘mixed marriage’, kindly follow the instructions of the priest in charge (School Leaving Certificate, Municipal Birth Certificate).  Permission from the Archbishop’s House etc. is also necessary.
  8. On the day of filling in the Prenuptial Enquiry form, you will be required to answer questions on the doctrine of Catholic faith i.e. Prayers, Creed, Sacrament – Bible and also the teaching of the Church on the Sacrament of marriage.
  9. Only one nuptial bann will be published in the Church which will be announced at the 9.15 a.m. mass on Sundays and the second will be displayed on the Notice Board.  Candidates are required to check with the Sacristan or Parish Office on Saturday prior to the announcement of banns.  If banns are read in other churches, the result of banns must be brought at least 10 days before the nuptials without which, nuptials cannot be performed.

For your Marriage day

  1. Choose the theme, Scripture readings, appoint lectors and altar servers, arrange for a choir, flower decorations (contact Sacristan), plan the prayers of the faithful, offertory, etc with the priest who filled your PNE.
  2. If you intend to prepare a special liturgy for the nuptial mass, kindly show the same to the celebrant one week in advance.  In preparing the liturgy, you may have to keep in mind the other couples if any, to be married at the same nuptial mass.  Please note: There maybe more than two nuptials on the same day and time which you have chosen.
  3. Through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, you are going to start a new life together.  Hence it is important for you to prepare yourself spiritually by receiving the Sacrament of Penance.
  4. If you are arranging for video shooting please inform the parish office and pay the amount. Make sure it should not be a disturbance during the Mass.
  5. Arrange for two witnesses in advance
  6. The Bridal gown and dresses of the bridesmaids, etc. must be modest.
  7. No Bursting of crackers.
  8. In case, you wish to bring your own priest from outside to bless your nuptials, you will have to bring a letter from the priest concerned at least 10 days in advance confirming the same.

We would like to be of service to you in order to make your marriage a meaningful celebration and memorial experience of your love for each other. Please approach us for any help we will be very glad to help you.