Parish Guidelines: Essential Requirements for Funeral & Burial

  1. Intimation to the Parish Office or / and to any of our Priests.
  2. Photo copy of the MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (FORM NO. 4) issued by a Doctor or Hospital Authorities certifying the Death.
  3. A written slip signed by immediate member of the family only if Burial is to be announced during Mass.
    Intimation to Sacristan.
  4. Collect the Grave Order from the Parish office or any of the priests.
  5. Inform and confirm with the Parish office or the Priest about the Months Mind Mass before announcing it. (Kindly note, there is no seven day Mass).

Following procedure to be followed for Funerals during the COVID-19 Lockdown 

  1.  If it is a death due to reasons other than Coronavirus: get death certificate from the doctor/hospital
  2. BMC Form (2) filled up by concerned doctor/hospital.
  3. Letter to be taken from the Parish for burial at Mulund cemetery (or any other cemetery)
  4. Another letter from the Parish to the Mulund police station asking for permission for burial.
  5. NOC to be taken from Mulund police station for burial and for movement of only 20 family members to the cemetery.
  6. Inform Mr. Jude Fernandes or Mr. Dennis Rodrigues who will make arrangements for grave diggers.
  7. Funeral rites and prayers will be held in the cemetery Chapel. (No Mass at the Church)
  8. Incase of death due to Coronavirus, Government authorities will make necessary arrangements to cremate the body. No priest or family member is permitted at the crematorium.

Requiem Mass for the departed soul will be offered when the situation returns ‘normal’