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Persons in charge 

Daily Morning Mass Henry Dsouza/Smita Anthony 9322327272 / 9820289094
Daily Evening Mass Hilda/Charlene Dsouza 9892592530 / 9223267049
Saturday Evening Mass Vicky Pinto 9920858380
Sunday 8:00 am Mass Hyacinth Rebeiro 9833987330
Sunday 9.15 am Mass Charlene Dsouza / Gregory Fernandes 9223267049 / 9892733930
Sunday Evening Mass Shirley Cabral 9833498578

Kindly Note, the Introduction and Notices to be read from the mike near the Baptismal Font.



LECTORS for Daily Mass in June 2018  View PDF
(Psalm – Only 2 verses to be read at a Weekday Mass)

Date Day 6:30 AM 7:00 PM
1st Fri Santosh D Ronald P
2nd Sat Henry  
3rd Sun    
4th Mon Pramila D James L
5th Tue Sarita D Grace N
6th Wed Kevin Shirley C
7th Thu Nancy P Dorothy
8th Fri Condrad M / Catherine Savio / Sydon
9th Sat Sr.Edwina  
10th Sun    
11th Mon Gregory  Charlene
12th Tue Smita D Josephine
13th Wed Allwyn Natalia 
14th Thu Hyacinth Savia
15th Fri Walter P Vernon
16th Sat Condrad M  
17th Sun    
18th Mon Philomena P Sophie
19th Tue Merlyn F Fidela
20th Wed Sangeeta R Jude
21st Thu Ryan Adrian
22nd Fri Merlyn J Hazel
23rd Sat Philomena A  
24th Sun    
25th Mon Dion Annette
26th Tue Tara Taran
27th Wed Gladwyn Florie
28th Thu Gregory Juliana
29th Fri Kevin / Smita A  Allwyn  / Aleen
30th Sat Pramila D  


LECTORS for Sunday Mass in June 2018  View PDF
(Psalm- Only 3 verses to be read at Saturday evening & Sunday Mass)

Below Appointments (8 columns) are best viewed on larger screens. Cellphone users, please click on the PDF icon above.



Date Day Time Intro 1st Reading 2nd Reading POF Notices
2nd Sat 7:00 PM Sarita A Vicky Brian Ingrid Savio
3rd Sun 6:30AM Choir Hyacinth Gregory Sr.Edwina Choir
3rd Sun 8:00 AM Alex Savia Vernon Caroline Nancy D
3rd Sun 9:15 AM Aaron L Hazel Adrian Judith Pramila D
3rd Sun 6:30 PM Florie Aisha B Geraldine Sangeeta R Shirley C
9th Sat 7:00 PM Johnson Ronald P Angela Annette Jude
10th Sun 6:30AM Choir Catherine Henry Smita A Choir
10th Sun 8:00 AM Sanjana Nancy P Smita D Crispian Alisha D
10th Sun 9:15 AM Minal Sophie Jane Josephine Catherine D
10th Sun 6:30 PM Dorothy Grace N Juliana  Dion Merlyn J
16th Sat 7:00 PM Tanushree Melba Sydon Lynnette Sarita D
17th Sun 9:15 AM Philomena A Kevin Priyanka P Rini Charlene
17th Sun 6:30 PM Tamil Mass
23rd Sat 7:00 PM Walter P Taran Tara Jessica Shawn A
24th Sun 9:15 AM Gladwyn Santosh D Deepal P Merlyn F Sarita D
24th Sun 6:30 PM Allwyn R James L Dion Merlyn J Natalia


Lectors Prayer Lectors Ministry