Associations and Cells in Community Service


Alcoholics Anonymous

Bombay Catholic Sabha

Cemetery Committee

Family Cell

Hope & Life Association

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Sports Association

Women’s Cell

Youth Group

Our current parish youth group was formed under the leadership of our previous Youth Director Fr Tarsicius Fernandes, who had a vision to bring all the youth of our parish together to empower them as a whole, showcase their talents, work for the church and renew their faith in Christ. Fr Tarsi was always very youthful, youth friendly and an excellent mentor. The meetings were held every 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, and many youth came forward to join and help the youth group.

A core committee was formed, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and various activities were undertaken, such as volunteering for our parish fete, Senior Citizens’ Day, VBJ, Summer Club and Monsoon Wipeout, as well as other outreach programmes and picnics. The youth also participated in an inter-parish talent competition and won the first place in singing and dramatics.

Our youth got the opportunity to portray their talents, explore and engage their organising skills, and also to bond with one another. It was a learning experience as they interacted with the adults and senior citizens of our parish.


  • Committed members
  • Unity among one another and united with Christ
  • Passionate about doing things for the Church
  • Varied talents
  • Creativity
  • Management skills
  • Organising skills
  • Willingness to help

 Areas to Develop

  • Need to get more youth
  • Commitment
  • Acceptance by all
  • Support from other associations
  • Need more training programmes
  • Youth-friendly couples as a part to guide the youth

 Vision and Goals

  • To get more youth to join and help
  • To help the youth bond
  • To continue and renew faith in Christ
  • Fellowship with one another
  • Receiving acceptance from all

Finance & Property Committee