Saturday, 6th June, 2020
Saturday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

The Gospel begins with a condemnation of the scribes, who though they studied the Scriptures didn’t live by it. The second half has Jesus observing a poor widow who puts in two small coins into the treasury. He points out the greatness of her seemingly small offering – because she offered to God “all that she had to live on.”

Paul gives similar advice to Timothy urging him to persist in “proclaiming the word” “whether it is convenient or inconvenient”. Pointing to himself as an example and model to emulate, Paul gives us an insight into his own zealous mind. He has “fought the good fight and run the race”. He looks forward now to the “crown of righteousness” which awaits him. With these words, he hands over the baton now to Timothy, a young bishop, encouraging him to “complete his mission” and “perform the work of an evangelist.”

With such sterling examples before us, perhaps we could look at ourselves and ask, “Have I fought the good fight of the faith?”


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