Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019
Easter Tuesday


Testimony and exhortation – the two tasks of any disciple and apostle. In the first reading, Peter, now transformed and empowered by the power of the Resurrection, boldly shares his testimony of the Lord and exhorts the people to accept Christ as their Saviour. Having witnessed the power of the Resurrection in his own life, Peter was able to share this with others. No longer would he deny Jesus; he would, in fact, be fearless in the face of opposition. He truly was a witness to the Resurrection. No wonder so many of the people were baptized that day.

In the Gospel, Mary Magdalene becomes a witness to the Resurrection when Jesus appears to her. In her pain and sorrow, Christ comes to comfort her and make her His apostle. He calls her by name and entrusts her with a mission of being a witness to His Resurrection. Having encountered the Risen Lord, she is sent forth. Like Peter, she can boldly proclaim – “I have seen the Lord”.


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