Altar Servers Schedule

Altar Servers Ministry

25.Apr.19 to 02.May.19  (Next Altar Server’s Meeting after the vacation)

25 April ’19 THURSDAY 7.00 p.m. Jeflin, Nathan D, Zenaia, Deora, Herald, Ronan, Clarence, Leander
26 April ’19 FRIDAY 6.30 a.m. Clarence, Shane, Herald
7.00 p.m. Shaun, Clarissa, Chereen, Nicole, Calista, Selina
27 April ’19 SATURDAY 6.30 a.m. Clarence, Shane, Herald
4.30 p.m. Clarence, Herald, Shane, Jeflin, Nicole, Zenaia
7.00 p.m. Melissa, Vida, Chantelle, Michelle, Chereen
28  April ’19  SUNDAY 7.00 a.m. Deora, Jeflin, Zenaia
8.00 a.m. Raizel, Anzia, Shania, Shane, Clarence, Herald, Nathan D
9.15 a.m. Shania, Shaun, Herald, Clarence
6.30 p.m Shaun
29 Apr ’19 MONDAY 6.30 a.m. Shaun, Chantelle, Vida, Michelle
7.00 p.m. Melissa, Deora, Jeflin,Zenaia, Nathan D
30 Apr ’19 TUESDAY 6.30 a.m. Calista, Selina
7.00 p.m. Alysha, Melissa, Chereen, Jordan
1  May ’19 WEDNESDAY 6.30 a.m. Raizel, Michelle, Alysha, Anzia, Shania, Herald
7.00 p.m. Calista, Clarence, Jordan, Melissa, Deora, Shane, Chantelle, Selina
2  May ’19 THURSDAY 6.30 a.m. Clarence, Herald, Michelle Jeflin, Shania