Adult Faith Formation


Spiritual Director: Dn Cliffton Mendonca

Head: Janet Fernandes

Assistant Head: Lorna Pinto

Time & Venue
Sunday, 9.00–10.00 a.m.

The Adult Faith Formation (AFF) initiative began in our parish a few years ago by a handful of committed parents who were encouraged by our parish team to spend a quality hour in prayer and productive discussion while waiting for their Sunday School children.

While our children need to be instructed in the faith through Sunday School, the parents need to enrich and develop their Catholic faith through initiatives such as the AFF, which is striving to help Catholics mature in their understanding of the Church and its teachings. It also helps parents cope with the growing challenges that they and their children face continually from our ever-changing and stressful society.

The response has been very encouraging and the sessions are engaging and interactive. From just a handful, the group has now grown to over 25 dedicated and committed parishioners yearning to know more about the Catholic faith and how to practise it fervently.

The sessions are planned and diligently prepared as per the course laid down by the core team led by Deacon Everest, our spiritual guide and mentor. The teachings are according to the Holy Bible and the doctrine of the Catholic Church, with the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) as our resource guide.

The meetings include teachings, lively case studies, group discussions, prayer, audio-visual sessions and group outings, both spiritual and fun-based.